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The Marion Woodman Foundation and BodySoul Rhythms® no longer offer or sponsor Workshops or Trainings. Workshops or Trainings based on BodySoul Rhythms® continue to be offered by those who have gone through the Leadership Training Program of the Marion Woodman Foundation. 
We are happy to share information on these with you.  

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March 25th, May 6th, June 10th 2022

6:15pm to 9pm

Margaret Ayleward Community Centre Glasnevin Dublin

BodySoul Community Group
with Abigail Whyte


This BodySoul Community Group follows Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Method. The sessions include deep relaxation, working with dream images in the body, movement, and bringing movement to image/art.

BodySoul work holds that the psyche and soma are inseparable; therefore, body and mind are explored together in the service of healing and growth. BodySoul programmes involve listening to the body and paying attention to unfolding dreams. In this way, guided by the Self, space is provided for the unconscious to emerge through movement, voice-work, painting, journaling, myth and mask making.

BodySoul teaching has a strong base in the psychology of C.G.Jung, as developed by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, dance educator Mary Hamilton and voice coach Ann Skinner. Some current BodySoul programmes are explicitly informed by attachment theory and emerging research from the field of neuroscience.

Contact to join group/register


April 26-April 30, 2022
Lifebridge Sanctuary, Rosendale, NY.

Reclaiming Our Lives, Reclaiming Our Earth:
Finding the Light through the Dark

with Jean Esther, Polly Howells, Janice Stieber Rous



In these dark times of global life-threatening illness, intense cultural and political divide, racial, economic and other social injustices, and ever-increasing threats to the wellbeing of our planet, we are challenged to find deeper and deeper levels of resilience, compassion and wisdom in engaging with life from the core of what we hold dear.


After two years of meeting only on Zoom, we will gather in person this coming spring at the beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York State. Individually and in community, we will draw on our sacred interdependence with all of life. Through story, dreamwork, meditation, bodywork, and creative expression, we will join together to fortify our bodies, minds and hearts in the beauty of nature and the renewal of Spring.

To register, go to

PLEASE NOTE: We will follow the Covid protocols required by Lifebridge Sanctuary during our time together. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Image: "La Gallet des Reines" courtesy of Valérie Dumas

New in September 2022

Body Soul Writing Teacher Training Program
with Marlene Schiwy

After more than three decades of creating hundreds of workshops and retreats for women in Canada and internationally, Marlene Schiwy is offering an Intensive One Year Teacher Training Program for women who want to develop their own workshops. This one-of-a-kind training program combines expressive writing and Jungian themes with music and movement explorations, collage, dreamwork, and other modes of creative expression.


This training will cover all facets of facilitating inspiring workshops and soulful spaces that nurture women’s creativity. Topics will include creating content and deciding on form and structure, determining registration fees, ensuring trust and safety in the group, teaching in person and online, and much more.


If you would like to offer workshops for women that include a substantial writing component, expand your current work with clients to include more expressive writing, or step into your role as a teacher in a more grounded, confident, and effective way, please contact me to discuss whether this program might be a good fit for you.


This program will be conducted primarily on Zoom and most sessions will be held on Sundays. It includes approximately three monthly sessions with regular email contact between sessions as well as quarterly one to one meetings.


At the end of twelve months, participants will be ready to offer their own workshops for women. A Certificate of Completion will be issued.

More detailed information including prerequisites and requirements,

dates and fees, and application/registration form, is available at:

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Saturdays: 11 - 1pm  PST 

October 1 , 8, 15, 22, 29


Online via Zoom

Psyche's Circle
Experiential Study Group
with Andrea Wells MFT

Psyche’s Circle participants will delve deep into excerpts from written works of Marion Woodman, James Hillman, Marie-Louise von Franz, Ann Ulanov, and of course , Carl G. Jung.

“The true gifts of the unconscious are hard won; revelations of the mysterium tremendum are more than most of us can bear. We cannot roam with abandon in the precincts of the spirit. ~~~~Our vessel must be such that we can receive and hold these
enormous influences. Soul takes up residence on earth in our bodies, affects, and imagination – and in human wisdom and logic.”
-Nancy J. Dougherty and Jacqueline J. West


Deep inquiry and discussion allow each woman to discover and experience an awareness of her own soul’s inner gold, shadow, complexes, and guiding dream images. Bodysoul dreamwork practices; movement, art, and writing, and Active Imagination provide for the experiential expression of soul as we explore, discover, embody and bridge the inner and outer worlds.

Tuition: $485.00
Registration/ Payment due September 1st, 2022. Space is limited
CEU’s :10 units pending approval $20 additional
ZELLE 8312349106
VENMO: @Andrea-Wells-39
PayPal direct link:* 
*please add PayPal fees if using a credit card
Andrea Wells MFT
PO Box 365 Santa Cruz CA 95061




Alternating Mondays 10am-noon PST

4/4, 4/18, 5/2, 5/16, 6/6, 6/20

Participants can enter the group at any time

Online via Zoom

Transform Your Life Through Embodied Active Imagination: Online Voice Dialogue Group
with Elaine Rosenson, M.A., LMFT

“Don’t talk about being true to myself

until you are sure

to what voice you are being true.” 

-Coming Home to Myself. p.96

Join our online Zoom community where your voices can be understood and heard. These groups are designed to assist each member to explore the unconscious and the shadow in the tradition of Carl Jung using a method of active imagination called Voice Dialogue*.


Similar to the Dance of Three, created by Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton in their BodySoul Rhythms® programs, Voice Dialogue also has three aspects of consciousness. The person who is the “Mover” is asked to embody and give voice to any and all aspects of the mind/body/soul that desires expression. This includes images from dreams, waking life, belief systems, protector parts of us and parts of us that are disowned. The facilitator “mirrors” this expression and holds a presence with warm curiosity. The group serves as the Container holding a sacred space as they witness the moment to moment unfolding of the unique experience of self.


“In creating, we are created.” – Marion Woodman


The interaction of these three aspects of consciousness creates a strong embodied aware ego process which allows a person to integrate the different and often conflicting aspects of self. This integration process promotes individuation and a sense of wholeness, self-acceptance and choice. This is a non-judgmental place to do deep personal work while learning a powerful new approach with clients! You will learn through didactic teaching, experiencing, and dreamwork.


*Voice Dialogue was originated by Dr. Hal Stone, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, and Sidra Stone, Ph.D

Elaine Rosenson, M.A., LMFT
(818) 501-3118

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Eight Tuesdays from May 10th, 10 am – 12 pm PST

(May 10, 17, 24, 31, June 7, 14, 21, 28)

Zoom platform. Details will be sent to registrants.

Jungian Women and the Soul's Journey
Spring Study Seminar and Writing Workshop

With Marlene Schiwy

Sorting the seeds is a daily process of ruthless
honesty that allows us grain by grain to discover our Being.... The daughter who can come out from under the skin of the negative mother will not perpetuate her but redeem her. The Black Madonna is the patron saint of abandoned daughters who rejoice in their outcast state and can use it to renew the world.
Marion Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin


Jungian women like Marie Louise von Franz and Toni Wolff, Helen Luke and Marion Woodman, Sylvia Brinton Perera and Clarissa Pinkola Estes have written about feminine process and creativity, spirituality and healing, dreams and body wisdom. In this weekly online program we will look at excerpts of their work and explore how their profound insights can inspire our lives, creative process, and expressive writing. Topics will include nourishing feminine soul, releasing creativity, honoring intuition, and integrating masculine energy – through discussion and writing, guided meditation and active imagination.


Throughout the program you will receive weekly emails with additional material and
questions for reflection and writing. Repeat participants are welcome. This series will not repeat material from “Jungian Women and the Soul’s Journey” 2020 or 2021.


$475 CAD in Canada (e-transfer or cheque)
$475 USD outside Canada (Paypal or cheque)

To register, please email Marlene at or call 604.734.3554.

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September 9-18, 2022

La Tour de Cause B&B Dordogne Valley,

Caves of Painted Dreams
Dreams, Symbolism and ART in the Painted Caves of France
with Resident Artist Kirah Van Sickle

“What gives this art its power is that it makes us dream”

Jean Clottes

We will explore archetypal images in the caves, in our dreams, and in the beautiful
landscape of the Dordogne Valley, France, with instruction from a gifted artist and teacher who helps each person, novice or advanced, express their inner landscape.

“I’m no longer afraid of art”

2019 Workshop participant.

The painted caves of southwestern France are
the perfect metaphor for the internal journey to the unconscious that we experience each night in dreams. Art is a visual language of symbol and metaphor which has
been the language of humankind since the first
dawning of human consciousness.

Nowhere is that more evident than in these beautifully painted caves which likely functioned as sacred spaces for early humans. C. G. Jung and Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman believe that by learning to remember and attend to our dreams, we can discover more about ourselves and our
relationships to others. Utilizing active imagination and recording our own
dream images with various art mediums, will enhance our experience and aid in our inner journey.

On a typical day we will have a dream workshop/drawing session after breakfast to connect/elucidate our own images. We will then visit one of the painted caves in the area. Lunch together provides time for discussion
with some afternoons free to hike, kayak, bike, rest, or visit some of the other wonderful sights in this area including castles of all sorts, duck farms, foie gras factories and wineries. We will reconvene in the evening to
experience ways to further amplify dreams with art-making, mixed-media
techniques, music, movement, and guided imagery.

Workshop is suitable for professionals as well as lay persons, anyone, man or
woman who are interested in dreams symbolism and archetype

Fees: $3900 per person, double occupancy, $4900 Single Occupancy. Fees include accommodations, most meals and site entrance fees and guide fees.
(Airfare and Ground Transportation is not included)
Enrollment is limited to 10 so apply as soon as

CE’s: 26 CE’s are available for Nevada MFT’s and Psychologists. I can supply documents for you to request your state’s acceptance of the CE’s

More Information:
Contact Carol Aalbers, Ph.D. at 775-882-0687 or or for a full brochure

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Friday April 8th from 2 to 8 pm GMT,

Saturday April 9th from 2 to 8 pm GMT, Sunday April 10th from 2 to 5 pm GMT.

Online via Zoom

Professional Development Training in BodyDreaming®
Module 2

Marian Dunlea with Abigail Whyte and Pauline Sayhi

“At the Stillpoint, there the Dance is” – TS Eliott

After Module 1 “Nature, Attachment, Soul” early Dec 2021, we continue the BodyDreaming training journey with Module 2 centered around activation and deactivation, pendulation and titration of the nervous
system as core teaching elements.


In Module 2 we will open and close each day with a Ritual of embodied meditation. We will continue to develop our understanding of the central role that Regulation plays in working therapeutically to build coherence in the nervous system. We will focus on the nervous system’s cycles of activation and deactivation and explore the process of pendulation and titration which can support the nervous system in the face of overwhelm. We will have the opportunity to see the theory in practice through the use of demos, which will be accessible and grounded. The small break out groups, each held by an assistant, will be the
space given for participants to practice the exercises as seen in the demos in the large group session.


We will work with the mythopoetic aspect of our experience seeing how the nervous system affects our capacity to receive and experience image. Marian will work with individual participants to demonstrate how to apply the BodyDreaming model in relation to image, dream image or simply an image / picture that
comes to mind. Participants will have the opportunity to practice this exercise in the small break-out groups.


There will also be designated times for spontaneous movement, voice work and art – a contemplative practice that tunes into the authentic experience that arises in the BodySoul.

Tuition Fee: €390
CPDs: 15 hours
Please contact us at to receive the application form.
Instructions about payment will be provided once your application has been processed.

She who gives the dream.jpeg

She Who Gives the Dream

-Meinrad Craighead

Wild Soul Dream Salon Series 
with Andrea Wells, MFT 

Series One:

FRIDAYS: May 13, 20, June 3, 11

TIME: 11-1 PST

Space is limited. 

Series Two: 

SATURDAYS: 4 Saturdays: June 18, June 25, July 9, July 16, 2022

TIME: 11-1 PST 

Space is Limited

"Dreams come out of our earth and to work with a dream we have to take it back in to that earth."​

-Marion Woodman


Dream images carry wisdom and guidance on the soul’s journey. Diving into dream images using Marion’s Woodman’s embodied BodySoul practices of movement, art, voice and writing allows the energy of your images to be revealed and expressed. Archetypal aspects of images will be discussed and incorporated to amplify personal images at the intersection of Body and Soul.

"Absolutely loved the Wild Soul Dream Salon with Andrea... the dream work and ways of exploring our images was deeply soul nourishing and Andrea held our group container and our individual dreams with skillful depth. I learned a lot and also got to do a deep dive into aspects of my own psyche and the images she holds. Would definitely recommend.”    Suyai S. Somerset, UK

“The Dream Salon is a safe and sacred space where we explored our dreams and learnt ways to deepen our connection to dream image and meaning. Andrea holds a wonderful space with ritual, love and insight. The women I journeyed with in the salon were international, had depth and a genuine connection to Psyche, I highly recommend.”  AH - UK

Deep Dream Diving:

Individual Dream Session also available.
Contact Andrea at

FEE: $485 - Registration confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Payment methods accepted: 

Zelle 831-234-9106

Venmo: @Andrea-Wells-39 PLEASE add any fees if using credit card through Venmo. 

PayPal direct link

Check: Andrea Wells MFT

PO Box 365, 

Santa Cruz CA. 95061

Cancellation Policy: Due to limited group size I cannot offer any refunds once you have registered. 

If you cancel prior to May 10th, I can offer a 50% credit toward a future offering.

Andrea Wells

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September 23-29, 2022

Truchas, New Mexico

Weaving Our Lives: Listening Within as Soul Becomes a Living Garment
with Jean Palmer-Daley, Nancy Romig, Vernessa Foelix, and Joan Abraham

A BodySoul Retreat. 

Set in the land of enchantment in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico between Santa Fe and Taos, we will connect with the land in the outer world as well as our own inner nature. Through the weaving of the work, participants will discover their own threads, find the unique expression of their truth, and explore
the patterns of their own distinctive path. With the support of community, this week will celebrate a BodySoul journey.  

Join the retreat leaders for this in-person retreat following the format of BodySoul Rhythms® intensive workshops. The intensive format, which Marion Woodman compared with an initiation, allows participants to experience the work and its transformative power in an embodied way. We continue the
work of Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton and will explore our inner voices through dreams, voice, dance, movement, art, and mask work. Held in the sacred space created by the group,
participants are encouraged to express and embody psyche’s energies, which may lead to the healing of old wounds and the emergence of new energies.

It is recommended that you have some familiarity with the works of Marion Woodman. You can best access her work through her books and her recordings. Of her books we recommend Addiction to Perfection,
The Pregnant Virgin, The Still Ravaged Bridegroom, and Leaving My Father’s House.


The retreat is limited to 21 participants and open to women who have completed at least 50 hours of Jungian analysis/therapy and 50
hours of bodywork. You are requested to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

The image of Moon and Four is used with kind permission of the artist, Lindsey Leavell. Her work is available online at

Click Here for more information & application

Toni D’Anca • • 805.455.9941 •