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Workshops & Events

The Marion Woodman Foundation and BodySoul Rhythms® no longer offer or sponsor Workshops or Trainings. Workshops or Trainings based on BodySoul Rhythms® continue to be offered by those who have gone through the Leadership Training Program of the Marion Woodman Foundation. 
We are happy to share information on these with you.  

Alternating Mondays 10am-noon PST

Oct 9 and 23, Nov 6 and 20, Dec 4 and 18


Join this online Zoom community where your voices can be understood and heard. These groups are designed to assist each member to explore the unconscious and the shadow in the tradition of Carl Jung using a method of active imagination called Voice Dialogue.

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Led by Elaine Rosenson, M.A., LMFT


Registration:$60 per session payable monthly

Email for interview appointment to join group at any time during series or call (818) 501-3118

Fridays November 3, 10, 17 and December 1, 2023

11am -1 PM PST

Wild Soul Dream Salon.jpeg

Image: "She Who Gives the Dream"

by Meinrad Craighead

permission by artist


Dream images carry wisdom and guidance on the soul’s journey. Diving into dream images using Marion’s Woodman’s embodied BodySoul practices of movement, art, voice and writing allows the energy of your images to be revealed and expressed. Archetypal aspects of images will be discussed and incorporated to amplify personal images at the intersection of Body and Soul.

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Registration and Information Contact:

Deep Dream Diving

Individual or Group Dream Sessions

with Andrea Wells

Online, via Zoom

dream diving.png

Individual Dream Sessions:


Dream sessions incorporate movement, art, Active Imagination, and writing practices to dive into dream images. Marion Woodman’s teaching in Body Soul Leadership training is the embodied foundation of dreamwork.


Create a custom Wild Soul Dream Diving Group Session:


Would you like to experience dream work in a small group format with friends or colleagues? Exploring dreams in a small group is very potent. Each participant will have one-to-one opportunity to work with a dream. As a group, participants will experience Marion’s Body Soul Practices for embodied dreamwork.  These practices include, Art, Movement, Writing Prompts, and Active Imagination / Dialogue.


Please contact Andrea to create your own Body Soul Experiential Dream Group.

Moving Into Wholeness A day of reflection, dreamwork and gentle movement 
with Keren Vishny & Ann Shine Duck

Sunday, December 3, 2023 9am - 4:30pm Winnetka Community House, Winnetka Illinois

Two worlds touch.jpg

Join a respectful, nonjudgmental community of individuals as we take time out from the fast pace of daily living to reconnect with ourselves and each other. Attuning to the the rhythms of late fall, we’ll drop into slow-time.


We’ll draw on exercises and contemplative practices from Natural Dreamwork, BodySoul Rhythms and NARM traditions to align with the rhythms of body and dream. We will begin the day in a circle, getting to know one another and creating personal intentions for our day. With the support of guided meditation, we will drop into the dream world to revive and deepen our dream experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore dream material through dream embodiment, reflective journaling and image-making. These practices will be interwoven with gentle movement to support integration of the material. In the afternoon, we will use Natural Dreamwork 5D dream enactment to explore 2 or 3 dreams in greater depth. 5D work brings the group together as a community: group members volunteer to embody the various dream entities thus allowing the dreamer to walk through their dream. In this way the experience becomes a “living dream” allowing us to reclaim feelings we have brushed aside, recognize the Sacred Encounters each dream holds, and find ourselves pulled into dream roles that resonate with our own healing, growth and deep desires.

To register, email Keren,

Wild Women Writing Circle 

with Marlene Schiwy, Ph.D

12 Wednesdays

February 7th to May 1st, 2024

(no class on March 27th)

Desert Dancers- Wild Women Writing Circle.jpeg

Image: "Desert Dancers"

courtesy of Nancy Patterson

If you would like to develop a regular writing practice and explore the stories at the heart of your life, please join us for this twelve week writing program. In a circle of creative and openhearted women we will consider a wide variety of writing styles and genres: memoir and poetry, dreams and writing from the body, music and active imagination, fairy tale and proprioceptive writing.


Weekly sessions will include teaching and discussion of the writing process, writing together, and breakout groups for sharing your writing. Writers at all levels are warmly welcome.

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For more information or to register,

email Marlene at

or call 604.734.3554

Body as Compass: Navigating the Opposites in a Changing World

with Tina Stromsted, PhD, Jungian analyst

April 5, 2024 - April 11, 2024

Glenstal Abbey, Garranbane, Murroe, County Limerick, Ireland

Ireland Tina Stromsted.png

These challenging, polarizing times call us to draw from creative, healing energies from deeper parts of the Self. Our movement session will facilitate an exploration of the Opposites ~ Shadow elements we tend to project onto others and Healing elements from within. Together, we will draw from the deep wisdom that our dreams and inner images can offer - the healthy, creative imagination rooted in the body’s cellular intelligence. Through natural movement we will engage energies needed for resilience, hope, and new life in these chaotic times - the vitality we need to stay present, live fully, and contribute to a changing world.

Finding the Red Thread

Creativity, Passion, and the Dance of the Feminine

with Marlene Schiwy & Sheila Langston

In Einsiedeln, Switzerland, May 21 - 28, 2024

finding the red thread_edited.jpg

image courtesy of Valérie Dumas:

Come and join the circle of reckless hearts as we gather in Einsiedeln to celebrate the red thread of our creativity and passion for life. Through movement and writing, breath, sound and song, dreamwork and active imagination – we will write, dance, and sing our way back to the vibrant red thread at the heart of our existence.

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View the full brochure HERE for more information

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