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The Work

With roots deep in the psychology of C. G. Jung, BodySoul Rhythms® holds that psyche and soma are one, inseparable, and must be worked on together.

The work actively supports an individual’s process of developing toward consciousness, held within the sacred group temenos, by enabling a descent into the unconscious and the body. The emerging consciousness balances the positive feminine in our bodies with the positive masculine in our creative pursuits.

The BodySoul® approach consists in working dream and imagery together with body and voice in a powerful way. Honoring the uniqueness of each individual, it allows an integration of mind and body, soul and spirit to emerge.

The roots of this work grew out of a deep respect for dreams and for the great wisdom of the body.


Marion's commitment to the body soul goes back to her earlier days studying and teaching theater, and her own health challenges. In the arts, especially dance and theater, clowning and opera, masking and Greek chorus, the BodySoul® has been studied for centuries. 

Modern day approaches in psychology are indebted to the Arts for the deep calling demanded there to "hold a mirror up to nature". This is achieved through the integration of imagination, soul and spirit and psyche, physical and vocal expression, and archetypal energies. 

We have come to trust – through the knowing in our own bodies, hearts, souls and minds – the psyche/soma connection and experience the amazing dance that is possible between the creative masculine and the conscious feminine.

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