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Weaving Our Lives: Listening Within as Soul Becomes a Living Garment

with Jean Palmer-Daley, Nancy Romig, Vernessa Foelix, and Joan Abraham

A BodySoul Retreat

May 4-10, 2023

Truchas, New Mexico

Set in the land of enchantment in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico between Santa Fe and Taos, we will connect with the land in the outer world as well as our own inner nature. Through the weaving of the work, participants will discover their own threads, find the unique expression of their truth, and explore the patterns of their own distinctive path. With the support of community, this week will celebrate a BodySoul journey.  

Join the retreat leaders for this in-person retreat following the format of BodySoul Rhythms® intensive workshops. The intensive format, which Marion Woodman compared with an initiation, allows participants to experience the work and its transformative power in an embodied way. We continue the work of Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton and will explore our inner voices through dreams, voice, dance, movement, art, and mask work. Held in the sacred space created by the group, participants are encouraged to express and embody psyche’s energies, which may lead to the healing of old wounds and the emergence of new energies.

It is recommended that you have some familiarity with the works of Marion Woodman. You can best access her work through her books and her recordings. Of her books we recommend Addiction to Perfection, The Pregnant Virgin, The Still Ravaged Bridegroom, and Leaving My Father’s House. 

The retreat is limited to 21 participants and open to women who have completed at least 50 hours of Jungian analysis/therapy and 50 hours of bodywork. You are requested to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

The image of Moon and Four is used with kind permission of the artist, Lindsey Leavell. Her work is available online at

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