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Rebel Angel Film, a reflection by Janice Stieber-Rous

Having watched Rebel Angel, I wanted to express the deep gratitude I have to Mary Hamilton, Ann Skinner and Chris Lowry for sharing the beautiful tribute to Ross and Marion. The film was a succinct but deep portrait of a man whom I knew as a powerful and provocative teacher. So much in that film was new to me, but the scenes of Marion in her office, the shots of their home and their art, the way in which Marion described their relationship moved me to tears. I was taken back to the days when we did our first seminar in London in their living room. I could feel myself being in the room and gazing on those beautiful rose walls and the rich texture of their elegant home. It made me appreciate the medium of documentary which both contains a point of view that is very subjective and allowed me as someone who knew Ross and Marion to mix my memories with what was being presented. What a gift you shared with us Mary, Ann and Chris.

Thank you.

This reflection is shared courtesy of BodySoul Rhythms® teacher Janice-Stieber Rous.

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