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Deep Retreat ~A Time of Ceremony and Renewal with Andrea Wells


Dates: All dates stand alone you can enroll in one or all.

11am – 1pm PST

Friday November 11th, Saturday November 12th, Friday December 9th, Saturday December 10

“Retreat is never meant as an escape, in fact, its purpose is restorative; what retreats is strengthened by a conscious decision to rest, to prepare for what’s next” -Barbara Hurd

As we approach winter solstice, daylight recedes, and the earth begins to move into deep rest and regeneration.


Deep Retreat offering provides a container to be in your own stillness, while being held in temenos of the group. A weaving of guided imagery, sound , slow organic movements, intermittent writing and art, nourish body and soul; preparing and cultivating for “what’s next “ for your body~ soul when the light returns.

Without darkness Nothing comes to birth
As without light Nothing flowers...

-May Sarton invocation to Kali


FEE: $120 or $100 each ~ two or more dates.
Registration due: November 1st
Payment Method:
Apple Pay

More info;
Contact Andrea Wells LMFT

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