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Body Soul Writing Teacher Training Program.png

Body Soul Writing Teacher Training Program

with Marlene Schiwy, Ph.D

New in September 2022

After more than three decades of creating hundreds of workshops and retreats for women in Canada and internationally, Marlene Schiwy is offering an Intensive One Year Teacher Training Program for women who want to develop their own workshops. This one-of-a-kind training program combines expressive writing and Jungian themes with music and movement explorations, collage, dreamwork, and other modes of creative expression.

This training will cover all facets of facilitating inspiring workshops and soulful spaces that nurture women’s creativity. Topics will include creating content and deciding on form and structure, determining registration fees, ensuring trust and safety in the group, teaching in person and online, and much more.

If you would like to offer workshops for women that include a substantial writing component, expand your current work with clients to include more expressive writing, or step into your role as a teacher in a more grounded, confident, and effective way, please contact me to discuss whether this program might be a good fit for you.

This program will be conducted primarily on Zoom and most sessions will be held on Sundays. It includes approximately three monthly sessions with regular email contact between sessions as well as quarterly one to one meetings.

At the end of twelve months, participants will be ready to offer their own workshops for women. A Certificate of Completion will be issued.

​More detailed information including prerequisites and requirements, dates and fees, and application/registration form, is available at:

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