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Engage the Shadow - Free Summit at the Jung Platform


November 10-13, 2022

9am-noon PST


Leader: Tina Stromsted, PhD, Jungian analyst, & analyst colleagues & Depth Psychology Teachers

The Shadow, a central element in C.G. Jung’s psychology, represents undeveloped and hidden aspects of ourselves that have been repressed or never recognized.  Needed for wholeness, working with these energies, feelings, and qualities is empowering for individual growth and essential for our world. 

In this 4 day event seasoned analysts & depth psychology teachers shed light on the concept of the Shadow, offering insights and practical tools for engaging with the Shadow through dreams, work with addictions, the body, relationships, astrology, and the timeless wisdom of fairytales, toward personal, collective, and ecological healing.

Tina Stromsted reflects on how the Shadow manifests in the body, including trauma states, exploring how we can access and work with these shadow elements through embodied active imagination, dance/movement, dreams & the creative arts therapies - nurturing creativity, sensuality, healthier relationships, and a more meaningful, soulful, body-ful life! The summit features a live workshop in working with the shadow in dreams with Jung Platform founder Machiel Klerk. Come join us as we explore this deeply timing subject. 

Registration Link: https://jungplatform.com/summit/engage-the-shadow-summit-2022/partner/tinastromsted