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Claiming our Lost Treasures: Bringing the Gold home

An exploration from a Jungian Perspective of the well-loved fairy-tale, Allerleirauh

with Josephine Dyer, Leeanne Carleton, Marilyn Copeland

10, 11, 12, 13th November 2022​

Where: “Oak Maree’ House, 5 McNamara’s Rd Millgrove, 3799 Victoria, Australia

Here in this place of mountains and water we will meet each other and listen to the deep still waters within. In the light of recent events, both locally and worldwide, we offer these workshops to women in our community to support them in bringing the feminine to consciousness.

We encourage you to bring your dreams and life experiences to work with the energy through story, dance, art and meditation, to open and develop the symbols that come to consciousness.

Marion Woodman says: “I thought of the Grimm’s fairy-tale of Allerleirauh. There’s a story of the feminine releasing herself from Patriarchy.”

“If we concentrate on the images in our stories and dreams until we distill their truth, we ground ourselves in the reality of our own imagery. In finding our own story, we assemble all the parts of ourselves.”

This process enables us to build a firm human middle ground, a BodySoul container for greater wholeness, healing and authenticity, and a well of creativity to draw upon.

Suggested Background Reading:

Dunlea, Marian: BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma.

Woodman, Marion: Leaving my Father’s House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity, and

fairy-tale: “Allerleirauh” the appendix.

Optional: CD’s: Sitting by the Well with Marion Woodman. 

Workshop Fees: 2 x $600 Includes Accommodation, Meals, Morning & Afternoon Tea.


Applications and payment need to be made no later than 8th July 2022

For more information and an application form contact: Josephine Dyer on 0408 370 217 or